Cope with the Smoke: Group Support for WA Fire Season

Aerial firefighting for a forest fire

Group Starts July 9th,2019 Tuesday evenings from 5-6:30 in Duvall, WA

This group is intended to provide emotional support for the change in our ecological experience during fire season in WA. We will be starting in July to begin to develop grief and hope tools, resiliency skills, and community connection. This a place where you can come together with others in your community that care about the earth and how we can support each other through climate changes. The intention is provide a place to feel, a place to listen and a place to cultivate hope and resiliency.

Please contact me if you interested in registering-limited to 15 participants per group session; the suggested donation is $20.00 per session. This will be an open group that will run at least through the end of August. I will consider extending this if needed. Please EMAIL ME TO REGISTER:

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