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Welcome! Therapy is a collaborative journey of discovery where I aim to bring awareness, cultivate resiliency and wholeness. I believe that it is completely natural to need skillful support during our lifetime. I see each individual and family as uniquely influenced ecosystem of relationships, aspirations, life experience, culture and so much more. My approach is both practical and soulful, backed by experience and current scientific research and theory. The synthesis of these styles is a conscious attempt to offer you and your loved ones the best environment to cultivate wholeness.

Please feel free to contact me by email at lindsayhuettman@soulstewardscouseling.com to schedule a free consultation.

I am full a this time and will only be working with grief and loss clients in the future. Please contact me after December 1st 2022 for openings.

I offer telehealth statewide or walk and talk therapy in Western Skagit County.

I offer a variety of options for us to work together:

My specialties are in grief and loss, traumatic/sudden death and ecological grief. I also have background in supporting folks with anxiety, depression, adult survivors of child abuse and panic disorders. I am only taking grief and loss clients at this time as there is a shortage of therapists who specialize in this area. This can be a loss of a person, pet, divorce, community, landscape and more. Please look for my upcoming workshop/psychoeducation packages on grief, loss and ecological grief in December 2022.

Telehealth: I have a HIPPA compliant telehealth platform and have received the required trainings. Telehealth is only available to WA residents at this time. This can be a great option and can also be combined with walk and talk therapy and groups. I will not be having local office space for the foreseeable future due to the unpredictable nature of covid at this time.   

Walk and Talk Therapy: I do meet folks at local parks and walking trails for sessions.  

Home Visits: I do offer home visits for bereavement clients only. This includes caregivers, individuals, couples, families and anyone in Eastern Skagit County that has experienced a loss that is unable or unwilling to use technology, is actively dying and or is in hospice. Extra travel fees may apply.  

Groups: Spring of 2023: Grief and Loss Naturalist Group-Starting in Spring of 2023-email me at lindsayhuettman@soulstewardscounseling.com to getting on mailing list for this group.

About Lindsay’s Approach to Therapy

We are all unique in our pain, our struggles and triumphs. My goal is to support you finding solutions that truly work for you.  


My  main specialties are grief/loss, traumatic loss, ecological grief, anxiety and panic disorders, depression, adult survivors of child abuse, relationship issues, anticipatory grief, end of life counseling and highly sensitive people (HSP’S). My style is informed by a system’s perspective where I draw on many modalities to offer you a holistic path that is tailored to your needs and goals. I am also trained in Lifespan Integration (LI 1 & LI 2) which is a mind-body therapy that is highly effective for treating attachment wounds from childhood. I am also currently being trained as a mindfulness teacher under Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

My main theraputic influences and training are:
  • Family Systems 
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Person Centered (Rodgers)
  • Mindfulness Based
  • Trauma informed therapies (Ogden, Levine,Van der Kolk, etc.)
  • Somatic therapies such as Somatic Experiencing, Life Span Integration and Mindfulness approaches (Levine, Pace, Chodron, etc.)
  • Self Compassion Therapy (Neff & McGonigal)
  • Grief and End of Life Counseling Therapy (Worden, Winokuer, Doka, Werth, Halifax, Inelda, hospice training etc)
  • Depth and Archetypal Psychology
  • Nature Connection Therapies/Ecospychology (Young, Jordan, Plotkin and more)
I’ve have also been a teen & adult mentor, public school teacher and a wilderness guide for over 15 years. This experience has given me the gift of working long-term with adolescents, teens and adults in  life changing circumstances. These student relationships also allowed me to work very closely with families, couples and communities. I am also a stepmother, partner, friend, sister, daughter, aunt and community member. These roles have also been a significant part of my education and the basis of relational, soul forming experiences. I am also an ethnobotanist, river guide, musician, writer, nature lover and bookworm.

DEIA Statement: I am a cis gendered white female of Irish, English and German heritage. I have continued to strive to learn and grow from various intensive trainings, self transformation through seeing my own blind spots via my privilege and race, and living in a community that is actively working professionally and personally on these important topics. This I extend a welcome to ALL of you-your race, culture, gender identity, economic status, marital status, health conditions and any identities I may have forgotten here. As a therapist and a human, this a very important area of personal awareness practice and growth for me personally and professionally. If I ever make a mistake, I am open to hearing the impact and will take feedback to change.

Land Acknowledgement: I would like to recognize that I conduct my services on the traditional lands of the Skagit, Samish, Snoqualmie, Swinomish, Skykomish and Tulalip lands.  I pay my respects to the members of these Sovereign Nations and their Elders of the past and present.

As a therapist, I have taken my life experience and combined this with clinical experience, current research and psychological theory to offer a well-rounded therapeutic model. I have been thorough many life changes, traumas, losses, successes and relationships. These life events have developed me in mind, body and soul. It is my hope that I can support clients with multifaceted approach that offers a unique perspective that will encourage, inform and support meaningful growth in their lives.
If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact me at

You can also see my profile on Psychology Today at Lindsay L. Huettman

Thank you!