Therapy is a collaborative journey of discovery where I aim to bring awareness, cultivate resiliency and wholeness. I believe that it is completely natural to need skillful support during our lifetime. I see each individual, family and couple as unique beings, influenced by a complex ecosystem of family, community, relationships, culture and so much more. My approach is both practical and soulful, backed by experience and current scientific research and theory. The synthesis of these styles is a conscious attempt to offer you and your loved ones the best environment to cultivate wholeness.
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I’ve been a youth, teen and adult mentor, public school teacher, wilderness guide for over 15 years. I work with teens individuals, couples & families. My specialties are grief/loss, traumatic loss,anxiety and panic disorders, PTSD, adult survivors of child abuse, relationship issues, nature connection therapy, anticipatory grief and death process.
I offer a variety of options for us to work together:
Telehealth: I have a HIPPA compliant telehealth platform and have received the required trainings. Telehealth is only available to WA residents at this time. This can be a great option and can also be combined with walk and talk therapy and groups. I will not be having local office space for the foreseeable future due to the unpredictable nature of covid at this time. 
Walk and Talk Therapy: I do meet folks at local parks and walking trails for sessions.
Home Visits: I do offer home visits for bereavement clients only. This includes caregivers, individuals, couples, families and anyone in Eastern Skagit County that has experienced a loss that is unable or unwilling to use technology, is actively dying and or is in hospice. Extra travel fees may apply.
Groups: Please see my current offering for naturalists in Skagit county for fall of 2021.
Nature Connection Therapy
I also offer Nature Connection Therapy in local parks and forests. This is a unique and fulling experience for many clients whom choose to include nature as a part of their healing process. I am an experienced naturalist, botanist and wilderness guide. I do carry current certification as a Wilderness First Responder.